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City Park Bud's Broiler Reopening; King Cake For Troops

CITY PARK? The Bud's Broiler at 500 City Park Avenue, which sadly caught on fire during the first weekend of Voodoo Fest, will finally reopen on February 1. Go getcha some. UPDATE: Eater has just been informed that Bud's Broiler will now open on February 9, Endymion Saturday. [EaterWire]

OVERSEAS? Red, white and blue king cakes from Randazzo's Camellia Bakery in Slidell are currently headed to American troops in Afghanistan via Operation We Care, according to the Times-Pic. Since December, 2012, the non-profit has sent 20,497 care packages to the troops thanks to donations, which you can make here. []

CRAFT BOOZEVILLE? Times-Pickers Todd A. Price and Judy Walker conduct a blind taste test of king cake flavored vodkas this week, and the cheap vodka ($6/bottle) wins: "If you want a king cake vodka, Walker and I recommend Taaka," Price says. "That's not, I hasten to point out, the same as recommending king cake vodka." []

NEW ORLEANS? The Blackened Out boys are asking readers to contribute to the kickstarter campaign of fellow Off Beat writer Elsa Hahne, who is trying to publish a cookbook, The Gravy? In the Kitchen with New Orleans Musicians, featuring forty-four local musicians and their recipes. The intro is written by Dr. John, who apparently says, 'My favorite thing with squirrels is eating squirrel brains. I like to crack them heads open and just chew on the brains.' [BlackenedOut]

Bud's Broiler [Photo: Official Website]