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CBD Businesses Wage War on Food Trucks with Petition

Photos: flickr, infrogmation/Facebook

Just as Stacy Head is about to announce her proposed new food truck laws to City Council tomorrow, a number of CBD businesses have signed a petition voicing opposition to the new laws, reports the Gambit's Alex Woodward. Well just one of the proposed laws anyways... the petition's fightin' words:


There are currently over 175 signatures on the petition, which is spearheaded by restaurateur Reuben Laws, owner of The Store (which actually has theCBD Opposition to Food Trucks petition posted on their Facebook page) and Reuben's Soup and Sandwich Co. (again with the petition posted on Facebook), both located on Gravier Street. The petition states that:

Restaurant owners in the CBD are about to have their sales invaded on by the food truck industry should new legislation get passed in February. Restauranteurs have made great investments in their product and have worked hard to build a following of customers in their area. To think that a food truck can soon park 50 feet from our doors and sell food during peek hours of business for 4 hours is truly concerning!!!!! This legislation should be stopped immediately!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition has created their own petition, for new laws that include allowing trucks to park in areas of the CBD, which they are urging supported to sign as well.