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New Year's Fireworks, Booze Recap, and Black Eyed Peas

UPTOWN? From Monday Night via the Delachaise: "If fireworks are illegal in Orleans Parish, why does it sound like a war zone right now in Orleans Parish? Last Jan 1st, my neighbor's awning was melted to his building. Could have been a lot worse." [Facebook]

EVERYWHERE? Todd A. Price wears glasses so he is not at risk of losing an eye from your scary ass fireworks. Here is his recap of the world of New Orleans boozy boozing in 2012, including Tales' 10th birthday and the opening Perestroika at Pravda. []

BAYOU ST. JOHN? On New Year's Eve, somebody posted this on Pal's Lounge Facebook page: "ENOUGH WITH THE FIREWORKS!!! You're in a residential neighborhood with kids three doors down scared fuckless. We can deal with some hollering and noise, and even a few minutes of fireworks, but bringing Baghdad to the 'hood..." The bar was actually NOT to blame for the psycho fireworks display on St. Philip street. [Facebook]

EVERYWHERE? Congrats on surviving the fireworks apocalypse that is New Year's Eve in New Orleans; why not enjoy some black eyed peas now? McNulty comes at you with five places for the New Year's luckiest of foods including Bennachin, Cochon, Crescent Pie & Sausage, Liberty's Kitchen, and Squeal. [Gambit]

Inside the Delachaise [Photo: Facebook]


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