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Which Bars & Restaurants Are Must Visits For Parades?

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 View from the Avenue Pub's balcony
View from the Avenue Pub's balcony
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It's time to stop plotting your vendetta against Roger Goodell, and turn down that incessant Mardi Gras Mambo. That's right, dearest readers, it's time for some Mardi Gras parade planning. Eater wants to know what bars and restaurants you hit up while the krewes roll by. We're talking all parades, from Krewe du Vieux to Muses, from the Bywater to Uptown, do you have a place you just have to go to every year because it's a tradition, or is it because of the quasi-clean bathrooms and fast service?

That's what we want to know for this week's Friday Open Thread: Which restaurants or bars are a must visit during Mardi Gras parades, and why? Hit the comments, and have a great weekend.