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A Look at Stacy Head's Proposed Food Truck Laws

Yesterday, six of New Orleans finest food trucks gathered in the CBD, a location normally off limits for them, to rally the troops and convince City Hall that the times they are a' changin. Ain't no food truck prejudice wanted up in here. Thankfully for our four wheeled friends, Council Prez Stacy Head has decided to make food trucks her valentine. Next Thursday, Head will introduce new legislation to city council, Danny Monteverde of The Advocate reports. The future of food trucking in NOLA could change as early as February, when council may vote on the ordinances.

Here are the what the new laws will do, according to The Advocate:

· Increase the permit capacity to 200 from currently 100.

· Increase parking time from 45 minutes to four hours.

· Decrease some restricted areas in the CBD... currently food trucks can't go in the CBD or Quarter.

· Define "food truck" or "mobile food vendor" as to allow on-vehicle cooking.

· Prohibit food truck operation in front of residences.

· Require food trucks to clean up areas around their truck, provide trash cans.

· Reduce the proximity restriction for restaurants to 50 feet from the front door, on the same side of the street during operating hours with a possible two-truck limit per block. Apparently, current law says mobile vendors cannot park 600 feet of a restaurant or school, though its unclear if this means food trucks, produce, or seafood vendors due to the wording.

· Increase total permitting fee to $750. Current fees, according to NOLA Food Trucks resources page, including health, fire, and food truck permits are about $450, so... dang.

· Establish rules for suspension and revocation of permits

For a list of the current laws, head over to the NOLA Food Trucks website.

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[Photo: My House/Facebook]