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Hard Rock Café Relocates to Bourbon, Now Open

[Photos: Doug Barry/-ENOLA-]

Ever since getting word that the Hard Rock Café was moving from it's two-story home on N. Peters to the throbbing heart of local debauchery on Bourbon Street, we've wondered: Would the new-and-improved Hard Rock rock harder than its predecessor?

Of course it would. With 10,000 square feet of space, Hard Rock's new home at Bourbon and Iberville is just a shade smaller than the N. Peters spot, though the company's resident curator of rock Jeff Nolan has somehow managed to fill its walls with even more memorabilia, including one of Britney Spears' (seemingly homemade) outfits from when she was just a Louisiana signer who knew nothing of shaved heads and paparazzi jousting. There are roughly 100 guitars, signed photos, sweaty leather pants, mic stands, and R&B posters embellishing the fresh paint job in the old Bourbon Cowboy, all of which represent a mere fraction of a fraction of Hard Rock's priceless 77,000-piece inventory.

Though it's been open since January 7th, Hard Rock 2.0 aims to run the Mardi Gras gauntlet before putting it's stage to good use? General Manager Don Estep says that the restaurant will eventually feature live music four days a week.

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Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans

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