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Susan Langenhennig Takes an Eggs Benedict Tour of New Orleans

Times-Pic food scribe Susan Langenhennig has braved the breakfast wilderness in New Orleans to faithfully seek out the city's best (or most interesting) Eggs Benedict. While Liz's Where Y'at, Stanley, Elizabeth's, and The Ruby Slipper all stand out from the egg-poaching pack, the Algier's Point spot Tout de Suite has the only Eggs Benedict variation that makes people, according to owner Jill Marshall, a little "crazy." It isn't hard to see why:

The eggs Abbeville is a decadent blend of salt and sweet, with breakfast sausage rounds and eggs (you can get them other ways, but order them poached) sitting atop a biscuit grilled in bacon fat. The whole enterprise is then drenched in Stein's cane syrup.

Um, is anyone else thinking second breakfast?

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Tout de Suite

347 Verret Street, New Orleans, LA 7011