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Finger Lick'n Wings Shutters After Dranks Permit Denied

Photo: Yelp/John L.H.

Finger Lick'n Wings on Jackson and Annunciation in the LGD shall be no more, The Uptown Messenger reports today, after a second attempt at getting an alcohol permit was denied by City Council. Marlon "Buck" Horton went before Stacey Head and friends yesterday to make a plea for selling wine and beer, but his wings joint at 739 Jackson remained a hells-no location.

Apparently, Horton has been denied a permit once before, but the matter was sent back before the City Planning Commission by Interim council woman Diana Bajoie in a classic game of New Orleans' booze permit ping pong: you can't has licquor, but you can has beer and wine, maybe. But as we all know, once the ball bounces twice in your court, it's no longer in your favor, and thus, no beer or wine for Finger Lick'N Wings in its rather sketchy hood.

Learning of his fate, Horton told the council he wasn't being treated fairly, and said, "this is the reason young African Americans and small businesses can't grow, because you all didn't even try to help me." Apparently, councilwoman Cantrell did visit Finger Lick'N Wings over the weekend, but neighbors showed her bullet holes that were left in their home from customers of the restaurant. Horton will not reopen the doors to the wingery, but intends to look for a new location.

Meanwhile, Phillip Lopez' upcoming tasting-menu hottie Square Root, also in the Lower Garden District, was approved to sell alcohol.

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Square Root

1800 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA