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David Mantilla, Maïs Arepas Praised by City Council

Looks like Maïs Arepas is well on their way to getting that alcohol license. Yesterday morning, owner David Mantilla's request to apply for his alcohol license was approved 6-0 by city council, and not just that, Stacy Head called Mantilla a "handsome young gentleman" and "the face of Central City."

Mantilla got a round of applause for his project and leadership, bringing business to much-afflicted Central City. Here's how he described his Columbian Creole cuisine to the council: "It's the food I grew up eating. Comfort food, something that makes you remember what your grandma used to cook." Mantilla already had menu suggestions for them, suggesting a dish known as bandeja paisa. "It's made with love."

Mellow Mushroom, the national chain with plans to open on Oak, was also given the green light by the council.

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