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What Are The Best Places to Pre-Game and After-Party?

Photo: flickr/JaseMan

With the regular season gearing up, and the Who Dat Nation heading for the dome on Sunday, it's about time Eater heard from the loudest and crunkest of football fans. What are the best restaurants and bars to hit up before and after you make your way to the game? Do you always go to a favorite cocktail lounge in the CBD for a spicy Bloody Mary? Do you apply black and gold face paint at a dive bar in the Ninth Ward? After the dome, do you have a burger at the same joint every time? Tell us your favorite pre-game and after-party hangouts.

Once this open thread's been up for a week or so, we'll compile the results into a fancy, pretty map of New Orleans' best places to go on your way to and from the Superdome. So have at it in the comments, and happy Friday.