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Domenica's Perfect Pizza; Another Drive-Through Robbery

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CBD? Peter Thriffiley raves about Domenica's perfect pizza: "Like a fine wine, the dough has improved with each passing year. Often times we forget that pizza is just as much about the crust as the toppings and sauce, but the fresh, bubbly pies pulled from the oven at Domenica might be the best bread in the city." [Blackened Out]

NORTHSHORE? Tom Fitzmorris gets testy in his three-star review of George's: "Like almost every other Mexican restaurant in the area, George's finds tilapia good enough?but it isn't. How about some local fish?" [CityBus, Subscription Required]

CLAIBORNE AVENUE?Another armed robbery took place at the same McDonald's on S. Claiborne and Washington that a doctor was robbed at earlier this week. The two victims were in a vehicle in the drive-through yesterday morning around 6am, when a man walked up, showed a gun, and robbed them of $70 in cash and a cell phone. [UptownMessenger]

[Photo: Yelp/Sayler F.]


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