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Plans to Reopen Already Underway at Middendorf's

On Friday, Eater shared a rather horrible photo of Middendorf's taking on a lot of water during Hurricane Isaac, but Ian Mcnulty reports that repairs are already underway at the resilient catfish destination, and owners are hoping to open for business by September 12.

The restaurant had no electricity as of yesterday, but according to Co-Owner Karen Pfeifer not all of the Middendorf's compound was flooded. The kitchen, which was renovated and raised off the ground after Hurricane Ike flooded the restaurant in 2008, was spared any major damage, as was the he new dining hall.

The Pfeiffers are no strangers to bad-luck-hurricanes. Their French Market restaurant, Bella Luna, was destroyed by Katrina and its looting aftermath. They purchased Middendorf's in 2007, and remarkably, were able to operate the restaurant just weeks after Ike's flooding a year later. Now the restaurant is more durable than ever and Pfeiffer swears "it's looking good" to reopen next week.

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