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SOFAB Free; Satsuma Maple's Specials, Mother's Lines

Photo: flickr/robbiesauraus

RIVERWALK? This Saturday, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum will be free to the public as part of the 8th annual national Museum Day Live. Get your free tickets here. []

UPTOWN?Robert Peyton dishes on new Uptown addition, Satsuma Maple: "Specials may be where the kitchen really shines. On a recent visit I tried the glazed brisket with an apple-cucumber salad over scallion pancakes with a side of the thai noodle salad. The brisket was meltingly tender and just a bit sweet. A smear of hot pepper sauce on the plate gave me the option of regulating the heat, and though the scallion pancakes were not what I'm accustomed to from Chinese restaurants – they were crispy – the textural contrast was perfect." [HautePlate]

CBD? Rene Louapre IV on the wait at Mother's: The line is daunting, a commitment one may not want to undertake within the space-time continuum of a workday. But go early enough and there is no line. The tourists have not yet finished their Haunted History tour and the salesman from Dubuque are still learning about the opportunity profit of the new SLA-1089 floor sweeper." [BlackenedOut]


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