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A New Chapter of Slow Food NOLA Is Starting up

Gary Granata is chair of the new Slow Food chapter.
Gary Granata is chair of the new Slow Food chapter.
Photo: SlowFoodNola

A new chapter of Slow Food? the international movement that encourages biodiversity and traditional foods? is starting up in New Orleans. The first local chapter of Slow Food was originally formed by New Orleans gourmet/chef/personality Poppy Tooker back in 1999, but it disbanded in 2010 after a clash with then-president Josh Viertel over the BP oil spill.

Viertel resigned back in June, mainly because the movement had been ridden with controversy for some time. Members and supporters were unable to agree on its future, purpose, and policies like access to healthy foods, which are both important to the new NOLA chapter. Nutritionist and Slow Food chair, Gary Granata, who plans to partner with the New Orleans Music Assistance Foundation, states that, "they're all about preserving and promoting the traditional music of New Orleans, and we're about doing the same thing for our food, so it was a perfect marriage." A launch part is scheduled for Monday, October 1st at Rock 'n' Bowl.

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