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The 'Secret' Cocktail Menu at Felipe's

If you're looking for mescal, Felipe's in the French Quarter might be your best bet, at least according to a article by the Times-Pic's Todd A. Price, who recently learned about everything from boozy cochineal beetles to the Felipe's double secret probation cocktail menu.

The French Quarter Felipe's iteration boasts a more ambitious cocktail bar, in part because manager Nathan Dalton is so obsessed with mescal that he spent part of his summer in Mexico buying dried cochineal beetles, which feed on the same agave plants distilled in mescal and tequila. And while many patrons still expect a Margarita to pair with their burrito, the FQ bar wears many bartending bow ties, squeezing its own juices, stocking half a dozen types of mescal, and making its own ginger beer. Price continues,

The unique cocktail list, as strong as nearly any in town, focuses on both classic Latin American cocktails, like the Pisco Punch or the Paloma, along with New Orleans favorites. Most customers get an abbreviated list. Ask for the "secret menu" that includes originals like a Ramon Tequila Fizz or a Hibiscus Gin Tea.

Now that Felipe's is in on the action, it seems that the cocktail craze is officially in full swing.

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