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Even New Orleans Is Getting Health Conscious

Even New Orleans, a city whose restaurant scene can sometimes seem to visitors like a veritable morass of cream sauces and fried seafood, is getting down with the rest of the country's health craze. The Times-Pic reports on a burgeoning contingent of calorie-conscious restaurants in the city that have been giving their menus a healthful overhaul in an effort to appease both locals and out-of-towners from more ascetic Portland.

Among the restaurants nervously eyeing the city's waistlines are Cafe B, which offers a "Get Fit With Ralph" Shrimp Creole and Green Quinoa spa plate replete with goodies like "Gulf shrimp, light Creole tomato sauce, quinoa, green onions, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil." Jennifer and Will Samuels will also roll out a "Good to Go" healthy take-out/delivery service via their trifecta of city restaurants?La Dolce Nola, Pizza Nola, and breakfast spot Bawk.

Ochsner's Eat Fit NOLA Program also offers a more reliable directory of restaurants offering healthy alternatives, which include some usual health-aware suspects like The Green Goddess, as well as some surprise cameos from Muriel's, Commander's Palace, and Cafe Adelaide.

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