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Here's A Chef-Studded Preview of Treme Season Three

Here's a behind-the-scenes preview of a dinner scene from the new season of Treme to get you buck jumping. Shot at MiLa in the CBD, the scene features chefs Jonathan Waxman, Alfred Portale, Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert, Wylie Dufresne, and David Chang. Also, Kim Dickens (Janette Desautel) and Victor Slezak as tyrannical chef Enrico Brulard.

The casting director and food stylist discuss creating the scene, from being filled with terror at the thought of filming the chefs to making a presentable hare a la royale.

Donald Link also has a brief cameo as a restaurant investor from Season two. Oddly missing from the whole thing: Treme writer Anthony Bourdain. Season three premieres this Sunday, September 23.

Video: Treme Season Three: Chef Dinner

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