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ROUX Public House and Diva Dawg Open on Magazine

The Lower Garden District has two new additions that are both hoping for a lasting relationship with Magazine Street like the heavy metal boyfriend of Mexican joints, Juan's Flying Burrito. Located in the old Jackson space, ROUX Public House opened about a month ago and serves Cajun and Creole dishes on the cheaper end of fine dining or expensive end of casual dining. So is it fine dining or casual? Nola Defender describes it as "relaxed, with a downstairs featuring a bar, booths, and a few tables. The upstairs has more seating, along with a balcony" and a lounging area full of leather and more leather.

The other new addition is Diva Dawg, which opened on September 8 and enters the gourmet hot dog fold hoping to be set apart from the competition with wedge-cut fries, "New Orleans gourmet style toppings," a slew of vegan/vegetarian friendly dogs, and Frito pie. Says owner Erica Lassier, "My hot dog is not a ballpark hot dog. It's an actual meal, you can come and dine and actually get full."

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Lounge Area at Roux Public House [Photo: Facebook]

ROUX Public House

1910 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70130