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Gracious Bakery Impresses; Gun Troubles Super Sized

MID CITY? McNulty on the already-popular Gracious Bakery and Cafe: "For those able to fend off dessert temptation, Gracious serves an impressive line up of sandwiches on breads baked in the back and plated with small, smartly-dressed salads of fresh greens." Tipsters report that Chef Megan Forman was down to the last piece of ciabatta bread by 2p.m today. [Gambit]

UPTOWN? More gun-wielding drama at the McDonald's on Claiborne and Washington. An employee there is wanted on an assault charge after he chased a would-be customer away from the store with a gun. This comes after last week's two armed robberies at the same location. [UptownMessenger]

QUARTER? TATUM-MANIA is spreading. From Lauren Laborde: "Will Saints and Sinners be the hotspot for the Hollywood South elite, a haven for shrieking bachelorette parties, or a sad purple-tinted cavern staffed with a lone burlesque dancer and a man outside yelling at you to come in for some Magic Mike-tinis and and a $35 steak 'n' shrimp pile?" [Gambit]

Outside Gracious Bakery and Cafe [Photo: Eater]

Channing Tatum's Saints and Sinners

627 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 504-528-9307

Gracious Bakery and Cafe

1000 S. Jefferson Davis Parkway, New Orleans, LA