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Bud's Broiler Helps Fill the Hubig's Vacuum

Photo: Official Site

Though Hubig's Pies may be rapidly falling out of circulation after the tragic factory fire two weeks ago, New Orleanians are trying to make do with some replacement pastries, including the hot-from-the-fryer pies at Bud's Broiler. The Bud's pies, writes food scribe Ian McNulty, have a something like a "cult following" all their own. If you squint and tilt your head to the side, Bud's "oblong, fried pie with a sweet crust fully encasing its fruit filling" even looks a lot like a Hubig's pie (though the Bud's pastry costs $2).

The pies have been around since 1962, but Katrina put them out of circulation until 2010, when Bud's owner Joe Catalano re-outfitted his pie-making equipment and brought pies back to the Bud's menu with a vengeance. Now, like a pre-Eurozone Greek drachma, Bud's pies might have to serve as the city's pastry currency of choice until the Hubig's factory is up and running again.

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