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All the Cool Kids Are Buying Local

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Over the weekend, the Times-Pic profiled New Orleans' newest local and organic produce market, Jack and Jake's, which is helping take the 'buy local' trend to the next level by distributing locally-sourced foods to stores and restaurants all over our fair city. The market, created by Northshore-native and restoration ecologist John Burns, picks up fresh produce from local growers and delivers it to local buyers, thus making it easier (and relatively more affordable) for growers to distribute their delicious plant matter to businesses, schools and hospitals all over New Orleans.

Burns realizes that it can be difficult to give people in urban areas access to locally-grown produce, but thinks that 'going local' can really take root in New Orleans because of the diversity of food that farmers can grow in South Louisiana. He's interested in helping "rebuild" the local food system in the area and believes that championing local food is all about giving restaurants and individual consumers a convenient way to buy local food while simultaneously assuring growers that there will be a reliable demand for their produce. "Local growers have a better product that comes at a better price," explains Burns. "It's about giving growers commitment and giving them access to markets. They can produce."

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