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Hubig's Employees Land at Area Rouses Supermarkets

When any successful business is lost to fire or other catastrophic event, one of the major questions is, "What will happen to the employees?" Such was the case when the Hubig's Pie bakery in the Marigny burned down last week. But good news: Local grocery chain Rouses Supermarkets is taking in out-of-work Hubig's employees.

As of Saturday, Rouses had taken in two of the pie company's 40 or so employees. One is in the CBD store on Baronne Street, the other in the Mid City store. Which is pretty awesome. But company exec Alison Rouse confirms to NoDef that they do not have the capabilities to make the pies in their own bakery, so no Hubig's until the bakery rebuilds, hopefully next year.

· Rouses Hires Hubig's Pies Workers Left Jobless After Fire [NoDef]


Rouses CBD

701 Baronne St., New Orleans, LA

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