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Here Is a Trailer for Season 3 of HBO's Treme

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The publicity is starting to amp up for season 3 of David Simon's premium cable love letter to New Orleans, Treme, with this trailer for the show hitting HBO's YouTube channel yesterday. It is, unsurprisingly, all so serious. The trailer begins with chef character Jeannette Desautel (played by Kim Dickens, with a storyline written in part by Anthony Bourdain) staring forlornly out a window as the reflection of a streetcar passes in the window, continuing with shots of people being serious as serious music plays in the background. (And then the Mardi Gras Indian chants start, and it gets really awesome.) Beyond that, it's only a trailer so there's not much to read into the actual storylines, so just enjoy.

Video: Treme Season 3: Trailer

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