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Five Bars That Will Definitely Be Open During Isaac

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Mayor Mitch Landrieu just made an important announcement to New Orleans: "don't let this storm lull you into complacency." A call to action, or serious drinking words? For the die hards venturing out to party tonight, sadly City Business reports that both Rick's Caberet and Rick's Saloon on Bourbon will be closed for the storm, but Nola Defender has a list of bars that will open. Here are five bars that didn't make NoDef's list, but are confirmed to open all night.

1.)Lost Love Lounge
Location: 2529 Dauphine

Opening at 4 pm. for the "bitch ass hurricane." Owner Geoff Douville says, "Isaac will be making me a cocktail" at the Marigny favorite. No word on if there will be pho.

2.) King Pin
Location: 1307 Lyons St.

Uptown delight. The King Pin will open at 3p.m. this afternoon. Craziness certain to ensue, be it in the form of random Elvi, Anthony Bourdain, or a zombie Jesus.

3.) Pal's Lounge
Location: 949 N. Rendon

Also opening at 3p.m., the Bayou St. John hangout will have a hurricane special for regulars. Bring in 10 Pals cups, and get your second drink on the house.

4.) Erin Rose
Location: 811 Conti

They got the hurricane party down to an art form. French Quarter regulars enjoy their dive bar, plus some of Killer Poboy's lamb chili until they run out.

5.) Molly's At the Market
Location: 1107 Decatur

Unless the city tells them otherwise, Molly's will be open for that frozen Irish Coffee craving. Do any of the bartenders even have keys to close this place up? It's always open.

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Lost Love Lounge

2529 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70117