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Isaac May Sour Burrata Plans; Oak Street Staying Open

ORLEANS PARISH? Ian Mcnulty gives his top Five Dishes With Burrata Cheese in New Orleans. But will they be available this weekend? Burrata is notorious for spoiling easily, even without the help of a power outage. [Gambit]

UPTOWN? Businesses on Oak Street don't feel any reason to change their hours to accommodate the stinkin' weather. Chiba, Bread on Oak, and the Maple Leaf may be boarded up but plans to stay open remain in place. [UptownMessenger]

FRENCH QUARTER? A cocktail historian has launched a walking tour through the French Quarter that steers clear of bars, Todd A. Price reports. The tour's founder, Elizabeth Pearce says "it's kind of like a picnic, except with liquor." File this under things to do when the weather is nice again. []

Chiba [Photo: Nikki Mayeux]


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