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Killer Poboys Will Rock You Like a Hurricane

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While New Orleans awaits the latest word from Mitch Landrieu, scheduled for noon today, about total nuisance Hurricane Isaac, so far it seems like the majority of residents are remaining calm?after yesterday's frantic rush on gas, water, and batteries? with plans to evacuate or hunker down at home while the storm makes landfall Tuesday night. For the next few days, Eater is talking to chefs and proprietors about their plans for the storm.

Up first is Eater's Open Thread golden child, Killer Poboys. Chefs Cam Boudreaux and April Bellow have a lot of fans in town, and as of today you can eat Hurricane specials until they "run out of loaves." Boudreaux tells Eater that they plan to stay in town: "We are still looking at the logistics. We live Downtown and have food, water, batteries, mobile Hotspot, and liquor in reserve."

As for operating hours, Boudreaux says, "Our Desire is to be open our normal hours this upcoming week, but the weather could be an issue." Such issues are easily diverted, however: Boudreaux just announced via Facebook plans for a hurricane party at Erin Rose. No word on when it starts or ends yet. Killer Poboys will also be open today, 12-4ish, offering a hurricane special of Boudreaux's "appropriately monikered" Dark and Stormy Braised Pork Poboy.

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Erin Rose [Photo: Official Website]

Killer Poboys

811 Conti St New Orleans, LA 70112

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