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Chef Dan Esses of Three Muses Not Amused with Isaac

Eater talked to Chef Dan Esses as he cleaned out his walk-ins Monday morning in preparation for Hurricane Isaac. The Three Muses, beloved Frenchman Street hub of small plates and music, is actually closed for summer vacation right now, but instead of relaxing, Esses is double-bagging food that could spoil, nailing up plywood, and "batten down the hatches" to avoid any potential damages caused by the storm, or even looters. Looters?

"You never know," says Esses. "Everybody's process has changed since Katrina. You don't really know what will happen... if you can trust the levees...if there's going to be looting. I mean, we have a lot of liquor in here." Esses plans on driving to Gulf Shores to stay with his wife's family during the storm. "We have dogs, and her parents are farmers, so they know how to do it. They have a generator. It's just safer."

Esses recalls that during Gustav, MidCity (where he lives) went powerless for days longer than the rest of New Orleans?many a candle lit night at Pal's. If Three Muses has power on Thursday, Esses plans to reopen from vacation hurrication with a limited, but assuredly fabulous, menu. "You don't have to have a full menu right after a storm. Nobody expects that. It's more about is my staff okay. Right now, it's basically wait and see."

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Boarding up Three Muses [Photo: Dan Esses]

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