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Danielle Sutton On Protecting Cheese During a Hurricane

What happens at a cheese shop during a hurricane? Co-owner Danielle Sutton of St. James Cheese Company took a minute to talk to Eater about protecting the cheese during a power outage.

"Basically, we move all the cheese into one walk-in and keep it shut. We have a generator, so most everything should be okay." While this seems a simple task, St. James has three walk-in coolers, as well as small fridges in the kitchen that must be consolidated, and with staff heading home to plan for the storm, this becomes an arduous task for the Suttons. During Gustav, the cheese shop lost power for twelve hours, and some softer cheeses bit the dust in the heat, so don't be surprised if you find a last-minute sale on certain soft-ripened cheeses.

The shop may open in some capacity Tuesday, even if it's just head monger/co-owner Richard Sutton, manning the counter. No word on their hours yet. As of this morning the shop was refunding customers for Wednesday's sold out Beer Fest, which is obviously cancelled.

As for personal plans, the Suttons seem inclined to weather the storm at home, above the cheese shop. With two small children in tow, the family is stocked up on Spaghetti-Os, Zatairans, and Dinty Moore, but "if worst comes to worst we can survive on prosciutto and parmesan."

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