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Jager and F Bombs: Making "The Layover"

Ever wonder what it would be like to shoot Anthony Bourdain, not with a potato gun or a water balloon full of olive oil, but with a camera? Cinematographer, Zach Zamboni, got all bloggy about his recent trip to New Orleans to film an episode of Bourdain's upcoming show, The Layover, and shared his brain-poaching, shirt soaking experience with the Huffington Post.

Good times, and obligatory cuss-outs, were had everywhere from the King Pin, where a drunk lady asked to smell Bourdain, to Cochon.

Jager shots, daiqs, and plates of red beans were consumed without any tears, though a trip to Bourbon Street, sadly without the alpha male, came close. A shot girl had her way with one of the crew members:

She puts four tubes in her own mouth and draws Erik in tight, pouring mouth to mouth. Kinky. Erik pumps fists, hacks, grimaces and pulls a large, blue wad of used chewing gum from his mouth.

Though Bourdain might call it something else, Erik, in New Orleans that's lagniappe.

· Food Informants: A Week In The Life Of Zach Zamboni, Anthony Bourdain's Cinematographer [HuffPo]


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