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Against The Grain: Annunciation Defies Culinary Trends

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Chef and owner of Annunciation, Steve Manning talked to Susan Langenhenning of the Times Pic this week about his new restaurant and his urge to resist current food trends.

Previously of Clancy's and Gautreau's, Manning stated that he while he does love the recent cured in-house meat trend, it's not something he'll be doing. The recently opened Annunciation is home to what he calls "updated Creole." The menu features a lot of seafood and vegetables with a hint of tropical and Indian flavors like "coconut-milk curry sauce on the fish," and stir fried kari-leaves that he grows himself, but don't let that fool you. Of locavorism, Manning states:

I go after whatever I can get locally, and I have a farmer due here in a few minutes, and he’s bringing me whatever is growing at the time ... But I don’t put source on there. I think that sometimes people aren’t always interested in that. They want to have a good time and enjoy their food, and they don’t even want to know where the pig came from.

Annunciation is currently open for dinner, but will expand to include lunch in September.

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