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Business Is Booming Café Dauphine

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In a recent profile of the Holy Cross restaurant Café Dauphine, theTimes-Pic's Laura McKnight chronicles the anomalous success of a sit-down, table-service restaurant in the historic Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood. When siblings Keisha Henry and Fred Henry, Jr. (along with Fred's wife Tia Moore-Henry) opened Dauphine back in June, doubters warned them that a full-scale restaurant wouldn't pan out in the still-recovering area. Moore-Henry, however, says that Dauphine, with its Southern and Creole specialties, is the sort of place "the community desperately needed."

Now, Dauphine is drawing 60-80 patrons daily, thanks to its visibility on the corner of Dauphine and Egania Streets and a menu by head cook and Restaurant August veteran Shawn Smith that is luring people in from as far away as Uptown.

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Café Dauphine

5229 Dauphine St. New Orleans, LA 70117