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French Quarter UFO, Keralan Brunch at Saffron NOLA

THE X-FILES?Apparently there was a UFO over the French Quarter last week, because of course there was. Says an eyewitness: "When it went up into the space it went up into space in the exact opposite angle of my perspective and so it was like, 'hello we see you and we’re leaving up into space in the same direction you see us.' And in an instant it was gone." [WGNO via HuffPo]

BRUNCHWORTHY?Ian McNulty checks in with Saffron NOLA, the Gretna Indian restaurant that has started monthly brunches spotlighting the cuisines of specific Indian regions. "The next such brunch is scheduled for Aug. 12 and will feature the cuisine of Kerala, the southernmost state along India’s western coast." [Gambit]

TALES OF THE COCKTAIL?Drinks person Wayne Curtis reflects on this year's Tales of the Cocktail: "It’s generally a sign of a maturing movement is when the gulf between reality and parody starts to narrow, and everyone's OK with that. To wit: Hey, Mister Mixologist, did you have to go to college for this? Everyone loved this video and talked about it, yet it could have a been a documentary shot at Tales." [Slow Cocktails]


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