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Bacchanal Invokes Seth Rogen to Defend Pork Chops

It's an unfortunate fact of the service industry that sometimes, someone just won't like a restaurant's food. And sometimes, they take to the internet to describe their displeasure. Sometimes profanely. Sometimes over and over and over again. This was the situation the folks at Bacchanal Wine found themselves in the other night.

So Bacchanal decided to fight fire with fire, which was maybe not the most effective tactic as that spurred on another evening of Twitter fighting. It's unclear if it's an owner or chef Joaquin Rodas who manages the joint's Twitter account, but whoever it is went on to defend the tactic by saying that the language in the Twitter criticisms was "so vile so insulting both to my staff & my business that no one in their right mind would not respond strongly." But more than that, kudos to Bacchanal for invoking what shall henceforth be known as the Seth Rogen defense.

UPDATE: Mike Scott at the Times-Pic fielded questions from Twitter to pose to Seth Rogen. Robert Morris from the Uptown Messenger suggested Scott ask Rogen about the pork chops. Says Scott: "His response: open drooling." That's good, yes?

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