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T. Cole Newton from 12 Mile Limit Appreciates a Healthy Pour of Whiskey

All this week, Eater is talking to a number of the leading cocktail people in New Orleans to see where they like to go for a drink, for a feature we're calling Shift Drinks.

pub.jpg[Photo: Twitter]

So where do the city's cocktail wizards go when they're off duty? After a long day's journey into night of shaking, stirring and pouring, a hard-working mixologist needs to steady his tired hands around a stiff drink of his own, which is why T. Cole Newton, proprietor and amalgamator of 12 Mile Limit will visit the Avenue Pub on St. Charles once all the daytime workers of New Orleans have already tucked themselves into bed. "I like going to Avenue Pub," says Newton, "any time between 3 and 11 am for a shot of quality bourbon and a pour of whichever craft stout they have on nitro [tap]." Open 24/7, the Avenue Pub seems like as good a spot as any for someone in the service industry to take a breather and get some unadulterated booze before calling it a night.

?Doug Barry

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Avenue Pub

1732 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 586-9243 Visit Website

Avenue Pub

1723 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 70130