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Here's Matt Murphy's 'Training Camp' Video for Chopped

Chef Matt Murphy of The Irish House is the latest New Orleans chef to be featured on Chopped, the competition cooking show that pits three chefs against each other with baskets of mystery ingredients including everything from yucca to treasure trolls (well, canned meats anyways). He's also the latest to have his own viewing party ala the Yaka Mein Lady and the Fireman. On Tuesday, July 31st, The Irish House will host a party of Murphy's Chopped episode from 8-10pm.

If this Chopped training video is any indication, viewers are guaranteed the type of quality entertainment that ensures laughs: ironic Rocky soundtrack, goofball Chef attempting to get in shape while drinking beer. Between high-fiving little girls, stealing produce from the farmer's market, weightlifting kegs, and running down the train tracks in broad day light with his Chef's coat on, one might wonder if Guinness is the only ingredient in his glass. It's really just good clean fun, people, and this guy make a killer fish and chips.

Video: Chef Matt Murphy CHOPPED Training Camp

?Gwendolyn Knapp

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