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Watch Maurepas Foods' Michael Doyle Go to a Farm

This is just a really cool video of Michael Doyle, chef and owner at the Bywater hotness Maurepas Foods. The Youtube series American Hipster Presents, with host Paavo Steinkamp, came to New Orleans and spent some time with Doyle at the restaurant as well as at the farm of one of his suppliers. It's a very pretty video, but it also shows Doyle being pretty badass.

Talking about Maurepas Foods' reputation for seasonality, Doyle concedes that there's like "750 other guys" in New Orleans who can do fish "as well as or better than" him, "but if you're talking about putting a bunch of pickles all over brussels sprouts, I'm pretty much your guy." And on the rigors of running a restaurant, he says, "This is a really dumb business to get into if you don't really, really care about it. So it has to be emotional, it has to be passionate." And of course Doyle and Steinkamp pick some purple kohlrabi.

Video: American Hipster Presents Maurepas Foods.

· Maurepas Foods - American Hipster Presents #18 (New Orleans) [Youtube]

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