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Keith Dusko, Jacques Leonardi Chase Down a Bike Thief

Keith Dusko with Chiba co-owner Tiffany King.
Keith Dusko with Chiba co-owner Tiffany King.
Photo: Amy Jett

Friday afternoon, Keith Dusko noticed on the security cameras at his Oak Street sushi shop, Chiba, that some kids were trying to steal his bike. He ran out the parking lot to stop the theft, but the kids scattered, one of them on his bike. Friday evening, NoDef's Shay Sokol wrote up the incident:

Undeterred, Dusko chased the bicycle thief down Oak Street, heading towards Dante. Chiba’s crew, including his sushi chef, kitchen chef and a busboy ran after the other kids in vain. However, Jacques Leonardi, owner of Jacques-Imo’s, noticed the commotion, and joined Dusko in the chase. The dynamic duo of dining were losing ground on the speedy cyclist, when a car stopped to offer help.
The driver helped Dusko and Leonardi close in on the kid, who ditched the bike and got away. But at least Dusko got his bicycle back.

Talking to NoDef, both Dusko and Leonardi lamented the fact that it seems like it's children off from school for the summer causing most of the crime problems on Oak Street. The kid who tried stealing the bike looked to be 10 or 11 years old, according to the Chiba owner, while the other two "looked a year or two older."

Of course, this is a serious "don't try this at home" type story. Running down bike thieves doesn't always turn out as well as it did for these two restaurateurs, something Dusko seems to acknowledge, telling NoDef, "Maybe I will get killed [going after them], but it’s my neighborhood."

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