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Get Ready for Gaudy! Checkered Parrot Coming Uptown

Photos: Google Maps, Official Site

From the guy who brought Prytania Street residents the Italian Pie comes another chain resto., as renovations are currently underway on the building next door to Coulis. The building will become a second location of the Checkered Parrot. According to CityBusiness, "The two-story building will feature live music and a bar on each floor." The spot, like the Italian Pie, is owned by developer Mark Morad. And for what it's worth, while this is only the second location of the Checkered Parrot, it's a franchise concept associated with Fire of Brazil.

According to that CityBusiness article (for which he "didn't respond to multiple interview requests"), Morad hasn't made himself available to the other business owners nearby. He has another building currently under renovation at 3612 Prytania, basically right there as well, but Coulis owner Heather Leeming says he's never introduced himself or asked for feedback. Ditto for a partner in the nearby Mayfair Lounge.

So who is Mark Morad? It's unclear. His company, Goldwell Investments, appears to be based in North Hollywood, Calif., though a Google search for that name also yields hits for Chatsworth Calif. (in Los Angeles) and Boerne Texas. In addition to the buildings housing the Italian Pie, Checkered Parrot and the as-yet-undisclosed project, CityBusiness reports "He owns six more properties on Prytania Street including 3613," which is a a single family home.

While the French Quarter Checkered Parrot is, as CityBusiness of-so-perfectly put it, "best know (sic) for its multi-colored, sensory battering décor," Morad has at least agreed to lease a parking lot and hire valets for the uptown location, while also promising "to design the building so it fits in with the surrounding neighborhood."

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The Checkered Parrot

3629 Prytania St., New Orleans, LA