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The Early Word on Restaurant R'evolution in the Quarter

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Inside the Market Room at Restaurant R'evolution.
Inside the Market Room at Restaurant R'evolution.
Photo: Nikki Mayeux

Restaurant R'evolution opened a little over a month ago. The collaboration between Chicago chef Rick Tramonto and Louisiana icon John Folse. The firepower of the two chef-owners, combined with the long wait for its opening, meant that expectations were high for the restaurant. So how does it stack up against those expectations? So far, Folse, Tramonto and company seem to be meeting?maybe even exceeding?those sky-high expectations, but be prepared to spend a pretty penny there.

The Good News: An Open Table reviewer dropped a review after her/his first visit: "The food was excellent. The menu is very extensive, and we tried to sample several things. Original cocktails very tasty. The oysters were good but not sizzling as they are named ... We will come back. It would take 20 visits to taste it all." [Open Table]

The Gamechanger News: Over on Chowhound, one person calls R'evolution a "gamechanger": "The bar has been raised for New Orleans dining. ... There is no place like this in New Orleans. This is true high-end dining. Ingredients and culinary execution you typically see in big cities like Chicago, no surprise there, New York, etc." And the execution of the food was "incredible." [Chow]

The Not Cheap News: Later in that thread, that same Chowhounder writes in response to a question about sticker shock: "Oh it's not cheap, although I think you could get out of there for what you'd pay at, say, Stella or August. ... But if you keep it in control, you can get out without mortgaging the house." [Chow]

The Best News: So a gamechanger is one thing, but calling it "the best restaurant in New Orleans"? That's the word from a Yelper, who says it "has the formal class and character of Commanders Palace, somewhat reminiscent of Chef Folse's Lafite's Landing, with a modern creative flair that appears to be added by Chef Tramonto." And on Trip Advisor: "Have dined here on three occasions and I have to say that this is the new standard to judge New Orleans fine dining against. ... All in all, I have not been this excited about a new restaurant in my hometown in years." [Yelp, Trip Advisor]

The Beautiful News: Even the Yelpers who didn't get all hyperbolic were still taken aback: "The restaurant itself is beautiful, with a sophisticated, elegant ambience. The open kitchen is the focal point, but the magic is in the many lovely details, right down to mini-ottomans for ladies' handbags." Those purse stools! [Yelp]

The Kid Friendly News: What's it like for hotel guests who don't know what to expect, and who maybe don't care about the whole celebrity chef thing? Still good: "We stayed at the Royal Sonesta with our 3 small children and the concierge advised us a new restaurant was open. We thought it was to be a family style snack style restaurant but were pleasantly surprised by this classy new bar and restaurant. Did not look like a kid friendly place but the staff and chef were fantastic with our kids." [Trip Advisor]

The Future News: Returning to that Chowhound thread: "I can't wait to see how RR is doing a year from now--whether it will be a place with a decent percentage of locals vs. a tourist-based spot. They are joining such a crowded field of fine-dining restaurants! I continue to be amazed at how many restaurants we have for a city our size." [Chow]

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Restaurant R'evolution

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