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Sylvain's 'Older, Cooler Brother' Coming to the Quarter?

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Inside Sylvain.
Inside Sylvain.
Photo: flickr / Sylvain

Good news for fans of what is arguably?okay, probably not "arguably"?the French Quarter's hottest restaurant: Sylvain may be getting a slightly more "grown-up" spinoff. Writer and sometimes Eater contributor Leslie Pariseau spent some time in New Orleans around Jazz Fest this year and profiled Sylvain co-owner Sean McCusker in Food Republic. In the piece, McCusker discusses a potential spinoff, telling Pariseau that he and business partner Robert Leblanc aren't going to follow the trend of restaurateurs opening casual places like burger joints. They're going in the other direction.

We want to make Sylvain's older, cooler brother. If Sylvain is a guy just out of college with his first apartment, first job, a cute girlfriend and a little money in his pocket, the next place is going to be that guy five years out of college with a really hot girlfriend, better clothes and more money.
Personification is the best. But people who like Sylvain's casual feel needn't worry. Sylvain's older brother, the one with better clothes and the hot girlfriend, will not be a white tablecloth sort of place. It'll just be a little more "grown-up."

McCusker also vows to keep it in the Quarter, which raises the question of where. Eater caught up with him, who said that while the concept is basically set, all of the logistical details?the where and the when, essentially?are not.

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