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Johnny White's Sports Bar Will Reopen as Something Related to Johnny White

A little clarification on the whole Johnny White's Sports Bar closing news: The sports bar is distinct from the other three bars in the Quarter that bear the Johnny White's name. All were originally opened by Johnny White himself, and the other three?two one Bourbon and one across the street from Pat O'Brien's on St. Peter?are run by his heirs.

Why is this important? The original NOLA Defender story noted correctly that the building owners had decided not to renew the lease held by JD Landrum, who had run the bar for 22 years. But according to Lord Chaz, a French Quarter tour guide, the building that Johnny White's Sports Bar occupies is actually still owned by the family of Johnny White. He notes, "It may close briefly for repairs but only as long as necessary to make repairs." In this version of the story, Landrum's claim on his website and in his conversation with NoDef that the bar is closing its doors "forever" is maybe a little melodramatic.

So the bar will reopen. [Update: Eater even hears rumors that it may become an expanded version of the neighboring Johnny White's Hole in the Wall.] But what's important is that Johnny White's Sports Bar?the one that has remained open every day for the last 22 years, including right after Katrina?will close on June 30, when the current lease ends. Confused yet? Good.

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Johnny White's Sports Bar

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