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The Transition Continues: Sweet Olive is Now Tempt

The former Sweet Olive, now Tempt.
The former Sweet Olive, now Tempt.
Photo: Amy Jett

The restaurant inside the Saint Hotel, known until now as Sweet Olive, is now called Tempt. It opened back in January with a concept by Coquette owner Michael Stoltzfus, who left back in April. After a brief shutter, the hotel later announced the arrival of Marcus Woodham, an alum of Patois, Tr?burger and Ste. Marie.

In the press release announcing the change, Saint Hotel owner Mark Wyant is quoted in saying that he felt Woodham "deserved a restaurant name which was also fresh and new." Since he had already made the menu his own, presumably this change is to help put Woodham's stamp on the restaurant as a whole. Hopefully it's the last major change they make, as the slow summer is the perfect time to settle down and get established.

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931 Canal St., New Orleans, LA