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Atelier Vie Gets Permits, Cleared to Start Making Absinthe

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Good news for fans of local booze: Atelier Vie, one of the two new distilleries getting ready to open up in town, has been cleared to begin operations. President Jedd Haas is calling the distillery, located inside the ArtEgg building near the corner of Broad and Earhart Blvd, a "liquor studio," which suggests output will be small and super crafty.

Atelier Vie's first product will be the Toulouse Red absinthe, which, as the Red Streetcar writes, is "a traditional red absinthe, which derives its distinctive flavor and color from hibiscus flowers." That's also the name of Atelier Vie's (fictional?) spokesperson, who shows up in the press release announcing the fact that the distillery is now fully licensed. Haas says it'll be a couple of months before Toulouse Red is ready to sell, as he'll have to go through formula and label approvals with the Federal government.

June 28, 2012 – New Orleans, LA

New Orleans’ newest distillery, Atelier Vie, LLC, announced today that the company has received all necessary permits to begin distilling.

“This is a huge milestone,” Atelier Vie’s Jedd Haas noted. “Our main still is fully operational, and we look forward to starting production. There are still a few more regulatory hurdles ahead of us; once past them, we look forward to introducing New Orleans to our products.”

Atelier Vie was founded in 2011 to address the need for a greater variety of locally produced distilled spirits. “There’s plenty of interest in alcoholic beverages here in New Orleans, but we noticed that very little is actually produced here. Atelier Vie fulfills that desire to produce new styles of indigenous liquor,” Haas continued.

Brand spokeswoman Toulouse Red was also piqued by the news. “Toulouse Red is everywhere,” she noted self-referentially. “But soon, I’ll be street legal; and will be meeting the absinthe lovers all over town.” Toulouse Red was last seen heading towards the French Quarter on her Vespa.

At the distillery, supplies are arriving and the distilling krewe is busy with their custom-fabricated stainless and copper still.

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Atelier Vie Distillery

1001 S. Broad St., New Orleans, LA