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Joe Briand, Others Bringing Lucky Rooster to the CBD

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Looking down Baronne from Poydras. Lucky Rooster may or may not be on this block.
Looking down Baronne from Poydras. Lucky Rooster may or may not be on this block.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / infrogmation

Way back in February, local curmudgeonly food person Tom Fitzmorris hinted there was a third Slice Pizzeria coming, though word came that it wouldn't be another pizza shop, but rather a "whole new concept" by the owners of the mini pizza chain (along with Juan's Flying Burrito). Now, Brett Anderson at the Times-Pic learns what that new concept will be: a "pan-Asian street food" restaurant in the CBD, called Lucky Rooster, led by one of the Slice and Juan's co-owners, Warren Chapoton.

The chef will be former Emeril's Delmonico chef de cuisine Neil Swidler, and local wine guy and former Herbsaint GM Joe Briand will run the front of the house and the wine program. About the menu:

The Lucky Rooster’s menu will reflect what Briand calls Swidler’s “passion” for Asian cuisine with Asian dishes “not tied to any one specific country’s cuisine – noodle bowls, dumplings, a couple banh mi, Korean fried chicken.” He added, “It will all be handmade noodles. Even the dumpling wrappers will be made in house.”
Anderson writes that Lucky Rooster will be "near" the corner of Baronne and Poydras streets?though the exact address is unclear?and should open in September or October.

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Lucky Rooster

515 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70113 (504) 529-5825

Juan's Flying Burrito

2018 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 504-569-0000