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Owner/Brewmaster Henryk Orlik OUT at Heiner Brau

Brewer Henryk Orlik has left Heiner Brau, the Covington brewery that he founded in 2005. According to Todd Price at the Times-Pic, he sold his shares to the brewery's LLC and has headed north to become brewmaster at Canada's Pacific Western Brewing.

Partner Rob Mingo?who was already the majority owner even before Orlik's departure?is going to rebrand the company "over the next three to six months," writes Price. The brewery was already selling a number of brews under the Covington Brewhouse brand, and since the Heiner in Heiner Brau was a reference to Orlik's nickname, now the entire brewery and all its offerings will be sold under the Covington Brewhouse umbrella.

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[Photo: Official Site]