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Square Root, Second Restaurant by Phillip Lopez and Root Team, to Open Late This Year

Photo courtesy of Root.
Photo courtesy of Root.

This is so awesome: Chef Phillip Lopez and his partners at Root are opening a second restaurant called Square Root, Todd Price at the Times-Pic learns. Located somewhere?he won't yet say where?in the Lower Garden District, Square Root will have a 10- to 15-course tasting menu (changing daily or weekly) in a space smaller than Root proper and with an open kitchen.

Via Price:

"I've always felt," Lopez said, "that New Orleans is in this rebuilding stage not only in politics, but in music and movies. I really want to amp up the culinary scene." He pointed to Nathanial Zimet of Boucherie, Scott Boswell of Stella and Adam Biderman of The Company Burger as fellow chefs pushing New Orleans to be as progressive culinarily as the East and West Coasts.
Eater caught up with Lopez by text message and he added that it's going to be "In your face technically executed GOOD FREAKING FOOD! I want to give Michelin guide a reason to come to New Orleans and rate us."

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Square Root

1800 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA


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