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Juicy D's Will Be Serving Up Some Steaming Hot Burgers

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There's a new burger joint in town right across from the Rue on Carrollton, but before you start fretting about the destruction its presence will wreak on your summer bod, you should understand that this is a purportedly healthy burger joint. Juicy D's will be serving up steamed, organic burgers, loaded baked potatoes, and gourmet salads in the old Whitney National Bank (and less old Curry Corner).

"The steam," according to Juicy D's buzzing Facebook page, "cooks the meats, locking in flavor but cooking out the fat." The menu also includes a wide range of non-cow options, such as a salmon burger, a tuna steak burger, and a bison burger. Stay tuned for New Orleans' latest installment of the great American burger/potato staple, which, according to a sign on the door, should be open in two weeks.

· Juicy D's [Facebook]

[Photo: Facebook]

Juicy D's Steamed Burgers

1200 S. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA 70118