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Susan Langenhennig Checks In on Delta Angel

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"Crazy, hippy, arty" is the litany of adjectives chef/owner Deven Dawson, of Royal Street Deli fame, uses to describe her method of concocting dishes under a full moon, a method that the Times-Pic's Susan Langenhennig thinks is pretty appropriate for Dawson's latest venture, Delta Angel Café. The new restaurant, which opened last month, is housed in St. Vincent's Guest House on Magazine and highlights Dawson's offbeat tastes with fuzzy orange wall carpet and a steady soundtrack of Florence and the Machine.

Dawson, formerly a chef at Nordstrom in Atlanta, found her spot in St. Vincent's while perusing craigslist in search of a bigger home for the Royal Street Deli. Delta Angel currently serves a mix of hearty breakfast foods (read: pancakes and brown sugar bacon) and a lunch menu that emphasizes veggies and salads (Dawson is a vegetarian). Dinner service looks to kick into gear next month, just as soon as Delta Angel gets its liquor license.

· Delta Angel serves up imaginative salads, sandwiches in St. Vincent's Guest House [Times-Pic]

Delta Angel

1507 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70130