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Metairie's Café Ralphie Rolls Out Dinner Service

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After writing a glowing review of Café Ralphie last month, Ian McNulty has once again turned his attention to the bustling Metairie restaurant to report that Ralphie will start serving dinner on a limited basis, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. McNulty explained that his only serious qualm with Café Ralphie (a reincarnation of the former Lakeview restaurant Barataria) was that it served only breakfast, lunch, and Sunday brunch, but offered seafood dishes that would make for great dinner entrees. With the advent of dinner, restaurant owners Ralph Pausina and Glenade Rhode-Pausina (who pretty much handles service solo) will scale back breakfast service to Saturdays only.

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[Photo: Official Site]

Café Ralphie

5024 West Esplanade Metairie, LA 70006