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Designed For Your Taste Serves Up Snowballs to the Seventh Ward

The NOLA Defender's Mary-Devon Dupry hopped behind the counter of Seventh Ward snowball purveyor Designed For Your Taste Snack Shack, which manages to efficiently cool-off its sweating patrons despite its cumbersome moniker. Though the shack, formerly Charley's Sweet Shop from 2003 until Katrina, is now is now part of Chef Rick "Tiny" Tockett and his wife Mary's "Designed For Your Taste" catering company, Charley's twin nieces Brionne and Bria Steward have managed to keep snowball-slinging in the family by working the counter while their aunt attends grad school at Columbia. During a sweltering New Orleans summer, 'working the counter' can become synonymous with crowd control, as overheated customers wait impatiently for a frosty treat. "Somtimes," Bria explained, "it gets hectic when a lot of customers come and you’re trying to take their order, and they’re impatient because it’s hot outside."

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[Photo: Sweet Travel]

Designed For Your Taste Snack Shack

1138 Elysian Fields Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117